Lush Christmas Event

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Lush Spa here in Liverpool to have a look at the Christmas goodies along with the current halloween collection. This is the third Lush event I've been to and as a regular customer of Lush, they are absolutely wonderful!

I got abit snap happy with my camera as per usual but the products are just soooo aesthetically pleasing, who can blame me? The bewitched bubble bar was my absolute favourite product from the halloween collection, as someone who loves cats and halloween for that fact it is right up my street.

Then we got a lovely tour of the spa which is heavenly. They also had a lovely selection of vegan food in the spa which was delicious (coming from a non-vegan). The highlight of my night was making my own bubble bar, we made the comforter bubble bar if you know of it, I sadly have no pictures of this as it was a pretty hands on job and I had to wear gloves.

After making my bubble bar and eating enough pretzels to feed a family, I continued to browse the christmas gifts and trying the free samples. I got a bunch of free samples of the face masks so I will have to give you all my verdict on them as I have only used one but I love it, I'm such a sucker for face masks. Of course we got a goodie bag before leaving....

In my goodie bag I got a 'Butterbear Wash Card' and a 'Naked Lip Scrub'. I also got a 'Naked Shower Gel' which you can see here on the website as I did used it before taking the pictures and now it is proven hard to get an image of. I really like the idea of Lush creating products like shower gel with no plastic packaging because it just proves how easy it is. I will be sure to write a follow up post on this to let you all know what I thought of the products. In the mean time, go and shop the wonderful range at your local Lush store and if you are from Liverpool, at the event I was informed our Lush store is moving to a bigger unit and is going to be one of the biggest going so thats pretty exciting.

Love, Heather x


Hello and happy Monday you guys. Back with another OOTD post, I have had this in my drafts for well over 2 weeks now so I'm happy to be actually be writing this. This is a look I shot about a month ago round St Georges Hall which is a lovely area in Liverpool (if you just ignore the constant stream of buses rolling past).

I absolutely love this black leather skirt which I got from BooHoo, I originally bought this skirt for work so I always think of a formal look with it, so it was nice to dress it in a different light. I paired the skirt with a blue graphic tee from Miss Selfridge, which I am struggling to find the link for but I didn't get it too long ago so you should be able to find it instore or online.

To finish it off I paired this silver metallic fish bag that I got in Primark. I bought this on abit of a whim and I didn't think I'd get much use out of it but I have been using it non-stop! Its so cute, granted its not very practical given that I go on nights out and just about get my house keys in the bag.

I hope you guys enjoyed more of my OOTDs, I started university today and I feel my motivation coming back already for writing and styling. So you will be hearing soon!

Love, Heather x

OOTD // Bird Chic + Hello September!

Back again gracing you all with another OOTD post. Its questionable what the weather is doing here in Liverpool but these past few days we have been lucky to have some sun so I had to jump at the opportunity and take some pictures. I recently got a new laptop and I can't tell you how happy I am, as my old laptop was beyond slow and editing pictures became such a chore so blogging was just not fun for me. September, to me, is one of the most positive months because it just screams new beginnings probably because I've spent the past 15 years going back to education in September and believe you me I am so excited to get back into a routine!

Anyway, on to the outfit! This is a very simple outfit yet so pretty. Everything I'm wearing from head to toe is from H&M and this bag is from Just Fab. Speaking of going back to school, this is a very back to school outfit because its so comfy and practical. My mum bought me this bag for my birthday as she thought it would be perfect for me when I start university and I used it non stop! I can't find an exact link but find all the bags from Just Fab here.

I got this shirt from H&M and I adore it, its so comfy and cute. At £12.99 I couldn't say no, I am such a sucker for anything H&M like I'm pretty sure 80% of my wardrobe is from there. You can buy this shirt here and I paired it with some simple black skinny jeans from H&M, these fit like a dream and I can't find the same exact pair anywhere! Anyone else have these problems?

I opted for some white trainers (link here). I didn't get a close up shot of these but they are plain white with a little red rose on the side, super cute aswell. I was quite weary buying these because all white shoes and me don't mix well but so far, so good! I hope you are all enjoying my OOTD posts, I'm having so much fun shooting them as Liverpool has so many nice sceneries.

Love, Heather x

OOTD // Embroidered Jeans + Life Update

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posting (I feel I start every blogpost with that now) but I've just been putting off writing these posts. I shot this outfit of the day about 3 weeks ago now and I was so happy with the photos that I was going to write the blog post immediately but something clearly got in the way! Anyway, this look has been one of my go-to casual, everyday looks.

These embroidered jeans are from JustFab, I had been lusting after these jeans for so long as I have seen a few bloggers post about them on social media, including Phases of Robyn one of my favourite bloggers. It is rare for me to wear jeans that aren't black skinny jeans, honestly I own too many pairs, but I have been obsessed with embroidered jeans so I had to try them.

The mom style of these jeans I found extremely comfortable and flattering to me. I didn't know what to pair them with so I opted for a plain white t-shirt which I picked up in H&M. These also look really good with a red top as shown on the JustFab website. The shoes I opted for are these snakeskin pumps that I got in Next, these went in the sale a few weeks ago but you may be able to find similars on the website.

This whole look is super comfy and casual for the summer, I must have worn it about 4 times now. Also a big shout out to Holly for shooting these pictures for me, I had a ball getting some outfit shots done finally. I planned on doing way more outfit shoots over the summer but since how summer hasn't really arrived here in England I was let down and also my calendar has been insanely hectic but as always, there will be more to come!

Quick life update at the end of this post. I found out today that I have successfully got into university! I am over the moon to be starting this new chapter of my life and be surrounded by things I love everyday. I will be studying fashion communication here in Liverpool for the next 3 years, I think this will positively effect my motivation for blogging as when I was in college I hated my course so much I just lost the motivation for photography and blogging became such a chore but hopefully uni will have the opposite effect. I definitely want to get into outfit building and get a more visual blog, my laptop is also unbelievably slow which has had an impact on my blogging but I will be investing in a new one as soon as. 

Thats all for now! 

Love, Heather x

Dinner at Pho

Hello my loves, something new today my first ever food post! I think this is my first fully food post anyway and I am excited to share my thoughts with you all. I recently went down and tried a new Vietnamese restaurant Pho with fellow blogger Holly. I was excited to try the menu because I had heard great things about it.

We were greeted by Codie our lovely hostess who gave us an overview of the menu and told us the specials. I was nervous/excited because I am quite a fussy eater and I have never been one to try cultured food seeing chopsticks instead of knives and forks got me abit stressed, not gonna lie. We first ordered drinks and I opted for a green tea lemonade which was insanely gorgeous (you can see how happy I was with it) I literally ordered 4 of them throughout the night.

We then ordered our food and got given some prawn crackers to snack on which are my favourites. For starters I got the crispy chicken wings with sriracha and I have been dreaming about them ever since, hands down the best chicken wings I have ever had and I normally don't enjoy chicken on the bone. If these were anything to go by then my main was surely going to be heavenly.

Our main meals arrived and I got the shredded chicken salad with Asian herbs, peppers and a chilli ginger dressing. This didn't look too filling but oh my god I couldn't finish it! It was gorgeous, I chose to eat mine with a knife and fork because I was only imagining the disasters I would face using chop sticks. This salad was so satisfying, I always go for a chicken salad when I'm in restaurants and this one was especially gorgeous.

Lastly, we couldn't leave without dessert, right? My favourite part of the whole meal was this Pandan pancake with roasted coconut served with mango sorbet. I chose to get it with mango sorbet no matter how weird the choices may seem, but they went together perfectly. I genuinely could have eaten another one, and of course with my dessert I ordered another green tea lemonade.

I am so happy I got the opportunity to try Pho and I am surprised at myself for enjoying it so much. Check out the full website here as they have loads of restaurants dotted around, the one I went to was the one on Bold Street here in Liverpool and I highly recommend you visit!

Love, Heather x

OOTD // Pink Denim

The sun finally came out in Liverpool so I took the opportunity to shoot an OOTD post for you all. I have missed taking outfit pictures because there is so many outfits I want to post and loads of gorgeous streets around Liverpool. For this look I am wearing my pink denim jacket from Topshop which is incredibly comfy and so so pretty! Not to mention 30% of proceeds go to cancer research.

I styled this jacket with my favourite high waisted grey jeans from H&M and my comfy striped body suit from Next which I have worn in a previous OOTD. This is such a staple look that you could easily wear everyday and I seem to be seeing pink everywhere. I loved the subtle rips in the sleeve and the shade of pink is my favourite.

I hope this lovely weather keeps up so I can share more OOTD posts with you all, I love what I'm seeing in high street stores this season and I can't wait to purchase even more clothes. Thats all for my outfit of the day posts and I hope you all have an amazing week, don't let the Monday blues get you.

Love, Heather x

LIV Organic & Natural Food Market // Event & Goody Bag

Hey guys! Just last week I was invited to the launch night of the LIV Organic & Natural Food Market on Bold Street, the night was filled with food, drinks and entertainment. I had heard a lot about this market prior to the event and I was excited to explore what was inside, for a start the shop is massive it reminds me of an American supermarket like Whole Foods. The variety of products was insane, I discovered brands I didn't even know existed and tried delicious vegan goodies.

There were free samples laid out in the eatery with free beverages, I had about 4 of the sparkling blackcurrant drinks and the staff were so lovely. The free cupcakes were also delicious I must have scoffed about 4 of them, I am not a vegan but the brownies and the bakewell muffins were absolutely insane! Throughout the night there was also a live pianist playing and singing some amazing songs, and little stall all around the shop for you to sample the new brands.

There was a sea of bloggers throughout the night, along with the press covering the event. Overall, it was such a lovely atmosphere and I of course did a bit of shopping I purchased some herbal tea from The English Tea Shop, along with some vegan marshmallows and some lovely yogurt from Brown Cow Organics. Before leaving we were treated to a goodie bag featuring more of the gorgeous products!

Inside the goodie bag Australian vegan beauty brand Inika threw in a loose mineral foundation and loose mineral bronzer, I have never been one for powder foundations as my skin is prone to dryness but I will definitely give these products a try. A company I had never heard of before JASON gave out some samples of their shampoo, moisturiser and body wash. I am yet to try these but I did have a look at their stall on the night and they smell divine.

Lisa's Organic Craft Crisps were giving out a goodie bag with 2 packs of crisps in and they also had bowls of the flavours for you to try. I am such a fan of crisps and I thought these were heavenly, my personal favourite was the alpine rock salt ones but I recommend you try all of them they are gorgeous! The last few goodies in the bag was some foot cream from Bioturm, hand cream from Lavera and body moisturiser from Good Day Organics which although is a mens grooming company I am excited to try this moisturiser as my skin benefits greatly from oils. These companies are all natural & organic so I am excited to use these products and get a feel for the company and make more purchases in the future.

So if you are in Liverpool and near Bold Street get your booty down to this shop because you will not be disappointed and there is an endless amount of choices and also a cafe for you to lounge in.

Love, Heather xo

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